Information for ProbAI 2022 registrants.


The following information is scheduled to be sent to the accepted applicants or registrants via email.

  • April 15 — Notification of acceptance.
  • April 21 — Opening for registration.
  • May 31 — Registration for the PhD course (DT8122).
  • More to be announced.

If you have not received some of the listed notifications, please contact us via email.


We recommend you to proceed with your travel arrangements as early as possible. Verify if you fulfill the rules for entry into Finland during pandemic and apply for visa as soon as possible if required.


Please find here our recommendations for accommodation.

Invitations Letters for Visa

Invitation letters will be issued only to attendees, i.e. after they have been accepted and registered. Participants that need a visa are advised to start the process as soon as possible. Instructions for requesting invitation letter for visa application were sent via email together with the notification of acceptance.

Registration for PhD Course

The ProbAI school has been registered as a PhD course (at NTNU) awarded with 7.5 ECTS credit points. For the PhD course signed up registrants will receive via email instructions for registering for the PhD course. The course registration opens on May 31 and closes on June 6.

Additionally to attending the lectures and tutorials at ProbAI, a PhD course registrant must submit a solution to a project assignment as the means of examination.

  • The project assignment will be released on June 20.
  • The delivery deadline is August (day to be announced).
  • The solution will be evaluated and graded with passed or failed.

The PhD course is registered at NTNU as “Probabilistic Artificial Intelligence” with the code DT8122.

Poster Session

The poster stand dimensions are 107 x 147 cm. Therefore, the recommended poster format is vertical (portait) A0 (84.1 x 118.9 cm). Posters in horizontal (landscape) A0 format can not be incorporated. Alternatively, posters in A1 can be incorporated both in vertical and horizontal format.

The ProbAI school does not offer printing services, hence each presenter must bring a printed poster.

Self-Study Recommendations

We expect from the participants experience with programming in Python, experience in machine learning, and at least a basic but sound knowledge of calculus, linear algebra, probability theory and statistics. See the recommended curriculum to gain most out of ProbAI 2022.

Code of Conduct

The ProbAI school aims to be and to promote an environment of diversity, inclusion, openness, collaboration, and knowledge sharing.

To reach those goals together, the ProbAI team has created the following Code of Conduct, that is expected to be complied with by all participants (attendees, lecturers, organizers, helpers and others). We therefore expect the following from all participants:

  • Be welcoming and supportive. People of different backgrounds and identities are welcome and supported.
  • Be respectful and keep a good tone. Communicate thoughtfully and listen to the other participants. Be open to other participants’ thoughts and be aware of personal biases.
  • Collaborate and share knowledge. Everyone at the school has different skills and levels of experience. Engage and learn from the other participants. Share your own knowledge and help out other participants.
  • Respect personal boundaries. We do not accept harassment, violence, behavior of sexual or discriminatory nature, and other offensive behavior.

This code is not exhaustive and serves to capture a broader understanding of a healthy and safe collaborative environment.

If you have an incident of misconduct you wish to report, you may use the form at this link: TO BE ANNOUNCED

Any reported misconduct will be handled by the ProbAI team and the appropriate actions will be taken. The consequences will vary depending on the level of the misconduct and include, but are not limited to, removed attendance from the school.