Travel and accommodation are to be arranged by the attendee. We recommend you to proceed with your travel arrangements as early as possible.


The Nordic Probabilistic AI School (ProbAI) 2019 will take place in Trondheim (Norway) at NTNU‘s main campus Gløshaugen in the lecture room S6 from June 3 (Monday) to June 7 (Friday). See the program for details.


  • lists nearly all accommodation options of all price ranges.
  • Airbnb as an alternative that can bring you to the old neighborhoods of Trondheim.

Most hotels are located in the city center. We have prepared for you a map marking the venue and the city center area recommended for your accommodation.


Bus from Trondheim Airport Værnes

The airport is located approx. 30 kilometers from Trondheim city center. Airport buses (Flybussen or Værnes-Ekspressen) take you directly to the city center. If purchased online, the ticket price is around NOK 140 (€15) one way; NOK 240 (€25) if you buy a return ticket. If purchased at place, the ticket price is NOK 260-290 for a return ticket.

Taxi from Trondheim Airport Værnes

The taxi fare from the airport to the city center is approx. NOK 800 (€83).

Low Budget Travel Tips

Usually a cheaper alternative to flying to Trondheim is taking a direct train from Oslo airport (or city) to Trondheim. Such travel takes approx. 6 hours. You can book the tickets on the website of Vy (Norwegian transport group).

Invitation Letters and Visa

Invitation letters will be issued only to attendees, i.e. after they have been accepted and registered. Participants that need a visa are advised to start the process as soon as possible. Send following information to

  • full name,
  • position,
  • organization,
  • department,
  • city,
  • state,
  • postal code,
  • country,
  • email.

A copy of an invitation letter will be sent via email and on request also via post.


Attendees that agreed in the application to present a poster will be contacted separately on May 10. If the number of attendees with posters exceeds our capacity, a selection may be done based on the submitted abstracts.

Registration for PhD Course

The ProbAI school has been registered as a PhD course (at NTNU) awarded with 7.5 ECTS credit points. Accepted PhD students have received via email instructions for registering for the PhD course. The registration deadline is May 11 May 27. Please contact us if you have not received the aforementioned email!

Additionally to attending the lectures and tutorials at ProbAI, a PhD course registrant must submit a solution to a project assignment as the mean of examination.

  • The project assignment will be released prior the end of the ProbAI school.
  • The tentative delivery deadline is July 8.
  • The solution will be evaluated and graded with passed or failed.

The PhD course is registered at NTNU as “Probabilistic Artificial Intelligence” with the code DT8122.


  • Credit cards are accepted practically everywhere.
  • Do not forget to purchase a travel insurance.
  • The temperature can range from 5 to 20 degrees Celsius. Rain is not rare.
  • You will enjoy nearly 20 hours of daylight and civil twilight instead of night.
  • For further information on Trondheim please visit

Would you like to prepare yourself for the school?

Chapters 1, 2 and 5 (and eventually 10) of Christopher Bishop’s book Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning (free to download) provide a good foundations for the school. Ultimately, you could familiarize yourself with probabilistic programming and Pyro by studying the tutorials at, specifically Introduction Part I, Introduction Part II, and eventually SVI Part I.